Saturday, July 28, 2007


I woke up this morning and wondered why, why? My head was splitting my mouth felt like Id been drinking the waste water out of my fish tank. I knew exactly what did it to me,

Last night I went out with the some of the customers people. It is quiet rare they invite me to join them so I thought why not. I didn't have any other plans. Starting drinking straight after work is always little dangerous, no dinner (I am not counting the burger I floated on top of the alcohol later that evening.

Some time in the night I can of lost track of things I have some embarrassing memories though it was quiet enjoyable. I should have been more careful I wasn't out with my friend but with people I have to work with.

I basically spent the morning feeling sorry for myself and relaxing. I also seem to have pulled a muscle in my neck, I am not sure how but its really painful. It was quiet amusing though I think my company is sadly lacking the camaraderie that the customers site has. I suppose the age difference and geographical spread make it hard.