Saturday, November 18, 2006


Had a productive day at work though found out the people working round me are mostly pedants who what everything just so.

I had the opportunity to meet Jo and Ian in Fallowfield but I felt so tired after work I just didn't have the energy. I also want o go away for my birthday so I need to be a bit conservative with my money. Looks like Phil is the only person that wants to come with me. Its s shame I have asked quick a few people but money seems to be the obstacle.

Tonight I went round to Phil's house for a chilled out one, watched three films and drunk cans. Deuce Bigalo Europe was unspeakable bad. Duke's of hazard was a little better but nothing like the show which wowed me when I was a kid. I can remember running round excited because it was about to come on. Even ignoring the arrival of my cousins in my excitement.

I guess I have either outgrown the feeling or the movie just did not push the correct buttons.

I was speaking to the girl I am interested in, well in a textual way. I was there was a way to meet her but there seem so many barriers not least my feeling that its impossible for her to really like me. I wish I could spend the evening or better the weekend with her.