Sunday, March 25, 2007

You don't care about us

On Friday I saw something I have been waiting for a long time, Scan had Dell 24 inch flat panel monitorDell 24 inch flat panel monitor on Scan today only. I have basically wanted one of these since Bruce bought one nearly two years ago. It has taken me a while to save up enough cash and I really could have done without spending it before China however as we were planning a lan on Saturday it was just meant to be :)

I placed the order but had to wait until Saturday morning for the confirmation, the lan was to start at 2pm and as Scan was in Bolton need the Rebok arena. Typically the order confirmation was late, not arriving 11:12. I had already spent 15 minutes on hold listening to a loops of a women telling me how advanced scans ordering systems were only to find when I reached an operator she couldn't tell me anything!
Bruce and Phil wanted to pick up some bits, so I picked them up and we headed down, I only had to wait a coupld of minutes and my screen was handed to me 12:15 plenty of time to get back to the lan and set up. Only Bruce and Phil were still in the queue to buy, Bruce got his bits, Phil paid then waited, and waited and waited. 1pm came and went, I was getting panicky. I made fevered phone calls to Endo to see if he could go down and intercept any early people. He did but not quickly enough as two people came and went. Finally Phil got the call something he ordered could not be located so they gave him a free upgrade to a better model, a result but we were still late.

We arrived and got the keys in time to open up and put the tables out, but it was very rushed. Setting up there were some weird glitches, not sure what the new guys thought about it. All a little amateur night, oh well once the games actually started things seem to go pretty well I think everyone enjoyed it.

Attendance was down from the previous lan and because of mess-ups in the morning we missed out on two players, and were in a total rush all day. I felt very frazzled by the end, though I did enjoy playing except for stairs of doom which was just way too much.