Thursday, September 01, 2011

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

I am trying out the new blogger interface, its very slick, web 2.0 all the way! I am still way behind on the blogging. Kath was in the UK for the long weekend. The weather was typical Manchester rain so we didn't get out much. We did however visit a serious amount shopping. Kath needed a dress for Goofys upcoming wedding. I was a dutiful shopping asstant and after much searching we finally found a very pretty dress for her at M&S. Apart from that we watched a few films including Toy Story 3 which I liked, NEDS which was good if depressing and the killer inside me. The Killer inside me is pretty horrific, told in the first person we follow a killer who beats to death (in a very graphic way) his lover player by Jessica Alba. It actually quite depressed me, I can't quite believe that someone could happily beat their partner to death then the next morning go make a cup of coffee whistling away. So much that I actually started reading up on antisocial personality disorder, and yes some pyschopaths can behave exactly like that. Theirs brains are essentially wired differently, they feel no remorse, the concept is alien to them. Dr Robert Hare, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia believes there might be a significant proportion of the population who are Psychopaths. So most of them are able to function in society unbound by the moral rules which chain us, quiet scary really but they I think I have met a few people like that in my career. From Psychopaths to nights out. I had a bit of a windfall yesterday, due to work commitments I landed a couple of free tickets to see Arcade Fire at the MEN. I only had one evening to find someone to go with so posted on Facebook, Danny was the first response so spare ticket went his way. I met him in Manchester, after taking the train in. I hit 1000 check-ins on foursquare buying a sandwich from the Coop. Danny met me near Victoria station, he was slightly out of sorts thanks to a bout of "man flu". Been a while since I had been out with him in a setting where we could actually talk and was good to be reminded what good company he can be. Full of his usual exploits including an alleged menage a trois following a stag party at Bredbury Hall. We were seated up in the gods on the second row to the back. This actually didn't turn out two bad given the band had everyone out of their seats. The Setlist was excellent, full of energy really getting the crowd going on Wake up, Mountains beyond mountains and Powerout. The band consisted of eight members playing varying different instruments singing dancing cavorting backed up with some amazing keyboard and guitars sounds. It was almost like being at some sort of post modern orchestra. They are certainly different than the usual indie band! It was a really good gig, I enjoyed it very much and still have Sprawl II and Wake up running round my head.