Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sail away

I read on bbc news today that because of Manchester's low growth rate economists believe the city will drop down the city rankings based on GDP from 73 to 82 over the next 15 years. It seems amazing that the city at the heart of the Industrial Revolution has become stuck as a regional backwater overtaken by most of the rest of the world. Is it because all the talent is sucked down into London? Or maybe its poor decisions by the central government cripple the infrastructure and destroy investment in the city?

Nothing much happening

Somehow I am busy busy seem to have so many projects on the go but so far very little to show. Bruce and I have managed to finally get some action on Server room. We found some excellent software to manage the new server and hopefully it can go in this soon. I have been trying to update Ian's site There is nothing new just yet but keep watching I have been tweaking the CSS and hopefully if I can just find a good way of formatting it correctly there should be some updates soon. Work has been hectic too so much going on there some good some bad some insanity.

I went to the gym with Martin again today, I did my weights while he had a cardio workout. My arms ache now, his shoulder is a lot better he is able to lift his arm up and nearly has a full range of movement.

I was only at home for an hour this evening but it was enough to get frustrated, my parents just don't get it that I need my own space and independence. Just because staying here is the sensible thing to do doesn't make it desirable. I am ashamed of myself and tired of peoples comments, I can never feel successful living in my parents garage, apologising to people for my failures it a joke. So I headed out for a drink with Bruce, he got promoted today which is great news. I wasn't very good company though sometimes I feel like my friend success I just reflects my failures more strongly. I read another chapter in the idiot last night I think I am Ganya after all, a totally ordinary person who longs to have something original about them, smart enough to realise I am not original but not smart enough to do anything about it, all very depressing.