Sunday, July 13, 2008

El Rincon

Andy Gilmore invited Phil and myself out for a meal with a few other people to celebrate his birthday. We went the Spanish restaurant El Rincon. We met at Abito about 7.45 and walked down Deansgate to the restaurant. There were 10 of us including Phil, Myself, Andy's friend Chris his girlfriend, Emily her sister Hannah and boyfriend Carl.

The place was very busy, Chris pointed out the it was mostly female patrons. The staff were authentically Spanish to the point it was slightly confusing, almost as confusing at the menu. We had two choices basically a heap of plates with paella or a heap of plates without. Despite it being a binary choice it proved really difficult for everyone to come to an agreement on what we were eating. The choices were ok for most of us Chris decided to get his own stuff because as a strict veggy he wasnt sure there would be enough. For some unknown reason Carl threw a strop and decided not to eat anything which meant there was this malign presence right in the middle of the table. However after the food (and drinks) started to arrive everyone but Carl got into the swing of things.

The food was really nice, I ate far too much and enjoyed every bite :) Christ who turned out to be a bit of a wag pointed out that most of the Patrons were female.

Afterwards we went back to chiefs for some of Emilie's home made cake beer and Wii. According to Wii fit I am seriously in danger of metabolic disease, sigh.