Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wii Sport Resort

Having got up early to do an upgrade (I really love a 7am golive :S) I left work at slightly earlier at 5. Unfortunately there were more than a few spanners to my plan. On my way home from Macclesfield I try and avoid the traffic by taking a number of country a/b roads this evening as I go close to Mottram hall I had to take a 15 minute pause while a herd of cattle was corralled across the road.

Whilst in the queue I missed two phone calls, one from my boss to basically berate the lack of progress, which I felt was totally unfair given I had got up so early in order to get the project moving and it wasn't me who was holding things up.

I arrived home to find a parcel from Amazon. It was the copy of Wii Sports Resort (Wii) with Wii MotionPlus Accessory which I had ordered some time ago, about 6 months I think!

I took it round to Andy and Emilie's apartment to try out the new games. Some were great; I enjoyed Archery, Ping Pong and swordplay, even though Emily kicked my ass. Some of the games were a little weird, like the advertising feature that is Frisbee dog. The attention to detail in the games and the range and diversity of games is much greater than in Wii Sports. I like the island setting and the way you can fly round the island and see all the game locations. I didn't like some of the games but there are more than enough there to keep interest for a while. I also had a problem that I needed to recalibrate my Wii Motion Plus quite frequently.

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