Friday, April 20, 2007

I cant believe its not gutter

I went bowling with some people from work tonight. The customers people invited me on their annual bowling outing, I played on one of the IT Teams. I am actually pretty rubbish at bowling, I find it difficult to let the ball glide out of my hand. However I did manage not to be the worst player which is the main thing at these sort of events.

I don't know if its because I am not a member of staff or just that I am not a very a likeable person, but basically I find it difficult to mingle with the people I work with. I find them a quiet titghly closed off group. I did enjoy myself though, I rode the bus down there so was able to enjoy a few beers (it probably didn't really help my playing very much). I managed to cadge a lift back withone of the staffers and made it back to Woodford for 9.30. In time to go out with Nick for a few more drinks. He seemed in a strange mood I think he and becky are having trouble and rather than communicate about it they have both rereated to their safe places. For him that mean throwing himself into yet more work for her more time at home with her mum. It is a shame as I like them both I hope they find a way to work out their differences.

I am terrible at working through those sort of problems I have load of advice for others but I find it difficult even to talk to women I am attracted to and when in relationships (rare but the do happen even for me) I am pretty useless at broaching difficult subjects.

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