Thursday, May 11, 2023

Aviation museum


Yesterday we visited the Airworld Aviation Museum

Thom loved it!It is one of the very few museums where you can actually get into the exhibits. We sat in a Vampire and a helicopter, Thom wanted to 'blast off' and advised us to 'hold on tight!'. 

There are both aircraft and memorabilia there, with a bits from both world wars, and a section about the royal observer corps. Plus some search and rescue as that is based next door.

The place hasn't really changed since the last time we were there (2010), the modern simulator is powered by sun Sparc station 40, I used to run a second hand Sun ultras-arc 50 in 2008! Nevertheless I would recommend it! It is a really interesting place right next door to Caernarfon airfield where the air ambulance and mountain rescue are based.

In the afternoon, as the weather was very changeable,  we headed for a walk around the beach Morfa and Nant Bach beach. This was a new one for me, the beach was small and stony. It mostly serves as a harbour. There used to be a massive granite quarry nearby and there are signs of this with the remnants of large excavations visible. We saw a lot of half eaten crabs so the seagulls must have been busy. There were also plenty of boats anchored. There was a lovely view from the end of pier, took a panoramic photo. Thom wanted to be a tall giraffe and be carried around on my shoulders all way back to the car!

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