Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Sea Zoo


Today we visited Anglesey sea zoo. It’s got a decent range of fish, crustaceans and other ocean creatures from around the British Isles. Thom was a big fan of the lobsters and the small sharks. They even have a breeding program for sharks and you could see the fledgling sharks inside the eggs (video below).

My favourite bit though is near the end of the zoo, where there is an elevated platform over a large tank housing sharks and rays. You walk above them on a grated walkway as they swim around the tank.

Last time I visited the sea zoo was for Kath's birthday back in 2010. Quite a different energy visiting with a toddler. 

If you buy a ticket it gives open entry for 6 days, so we are hoping to get in a return visit. There is also a free EV charger outside unfortunately it was out of action while we were there.

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