Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jet 2

Wow coke have a promotion get a free itunes song on 2 litre bottles of coke (which my dad and I drink like its going out of fashion) hurrah! They were on offer as well double hurrah.
After feeling sorry for myself most of yesterday playing counter strike and reading the latest economist I was feeling well enough to go out for a couple of drinks with Becky Nick and Ian. Ian had recovered better than me and was in fine spirits, we sat in the rectory beer garden slowly freezing in order to check out the women much to Becky's chagrin. I do of course remember her from her pre Nick days in her more provocative dressing. The upstairs bit of the Rectory was closed off because they were having a corporate event for Jet 2, one of the barmaids (the cute polish one) made a tie out of the immense receipt.
Bruce and Phil joined us as well for drinks chat and fun I had a few drinks but managed not to disgrace myself which is a bonus. I think Ill go to the gym in a couple of hours but first I am going to read a few more chapters of War and peace, its really hard going at the moment lots of description of battles and military goings on, personally I feel Tolstoy is better at working with characters rather than discussing historical events however its good stuff just dense.

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