Saturday, September 02, 2006

The one with the riot

The rain hammering on my rooftop woke me up this morning, the sound was matched by the hammering in my head. Last night was a strange evening and as usual my response we to drink too much, oh well.
It all started nicely enough, I had done an early morning at work to roll out a software release (the most successful this year I think). I got my papers from Smok travel for my visa, so I went to the post office to get it all sent off. It actully was quiet annoying you can only pay for a visa by postal order I didnt realise you can only pay for postal orders with cash, not cards so I had waited in a queue for 20 minutes only to have to leave the postoffice get cash return to the post ofice queue again :S
A quick gym soon soothed the tension away though, I did a cardio session I was a little achy from the weights I did last night so it was hard going but I managd an hour on various machines.
Berger decided to drive, he picked up myself, Ian and Phil at 8. We headed to the John Millington in Cheadle Hulme for a few warm up beers, sitting outside in the darkening evening we chattered about life caught up on things. Generally though we avoided talking about Faye, I told everyone about my experience in arranging a visa to get the Republic of Belarus. We had a few drinks a few laugh but the crowd in the Millington was older and we needed a change so we headed out to Withington.
This was where the night suddenly started to go dark so times in life you turn a corner metaphorically suddenly finding things change last night we drove round a corner into the middle of a riot. I don't know why they were fighting but I watched a tall guy throw a teen on the floor and start pummelling him. Other guys and girls wee fighting and pushing it was horrible. We all jumped out of the car and tried to break it up. The older lads saw us and jumped back into the car Ian called the police. The police fortunately were at the scene quickly. Unfortunately one of the protagonists mistook me for a guy who had attacked him his head was bleeding and I don't think he really knew what was going on. So my shirt got covered in someone else blood, really nice.
Fortunately Berger had a spare in his car, it was a bit big on me because Jo is so much taller. Next stop was Withington we drank some more stood outside Dave and Clare rolled up we chatted to them I got quit drunk and morose I don't know if it was the fighting or the place. I don't know what time it was but we left went and got a kebab (oops what happened to the diet) and some more beer from Tesco. Berger dropped us of at my house where we ate and drank some more. Phil and Jo left Ian stayed telling me all bout the Faye situation it was horrible there wasn't much I could say and I was so drunk. I think he just wanted to get some of it out there, I can&pos;t believe either she or people like Phil P could be so deceitful.

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