Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I saw a pretty interesting site this evening, basically its a film marketed through the medium of myspace and the internet. It looked pretty cool (well at least the website / video podcasts I watched). Basically they made an indie film made in the style which blends the reality of the their relationship and art/life. The film examine the relationship between a couple just starting out. I was pretty impressed with the creativity even if they are a little self absorbed. Sorry my explanation is awful but I am feeling pretty tired check out the website below to make you own mind up.

Click here to see more episodes!

I tried to get on top of things at work today but unfortunately the harder I tried the further from the actual prize I seem to be. I am still feeling really tired and worn down by whatever bug I caught last week. Tomorrow is a long day as i have the first Japanese class of the new year, I have neglected practise over the Christmas break so its going to be a bit of a rude awakening I think.

I filled out my Chinese visa form tonight I just need to get Lulu real address or find a tourist company which will sponsor it. Should not be too much of a problem I hope. I went to one of those photo me places at lunch time it made a real criminal photograph of me, hope it will not count against my application.

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