Saturday, August 20, 2005


Lulu told me im lazy so I guess its time to write another post. To be honext not much has happened in the last week thats worth mentioning. I have been more tired than usual this week thanks to a hectic work schedual and me starting my own training plan thanks to the mens health online personal trainer. The trainer is pretty slick you put in details of when you ant to train and some information about yourself including weight height and it draws up a training program. You take the program to the gym work out record what you actually do then enter it on the pc and it adjusts your next workout accordingly pretty cool eh! Thanks the the program I went Monday, Wednesday and for a jog on Thursday. Ill be honest being ill and having time off has had a significant impact on my fitness im not as strong or fit as before. Hopefully I can quickly regain some strength.
I watched another episode of lost with Bruce on Wednesday and we did some more work on the server trying to get an xoops gallery progra working as usual it proved more difficult thanks to a lack of manuals and the almost sadistic method of getting things working.
I got work to buy my a copy of oxygen xml which is by the far the best xml editor ive ever used even if I didnt understand how the debugger worked without RTFMing.
Bought a couple of games this week which we might use for the lan Doom 3 and Warcraft 3 they were are both good might make good additions.
Today I need to go and find some blinds for my room my parents are going to help hopfully it wont end in arguments.

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