Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am in work early (7am) so whilst waiting for some programs to transfer though I would update my blog. I finally finished painting the walls and ceiling only got to paint the woodwith gloss and get myself a new wardrobe then I have finished with my room wahoo.
Went on slayradio last night was nice to chat albiet breifly with the guys.
Caught the first three episodes of the new big us tv hit lost its being show on channel four and E4 I must say for once it seems the hype is justified I really enjoyed it the characters actually have development and the story interesting. The only worring thing is the jurassic park subplot going on.
Bruce watched he show with me and we did (a little) work on his website
I feel tired this morning well actually I have been feeilng tired even since I started decorating my room and was ill a couple of weeks ago.
Nikkie sent me a funny star wars thingy

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