Sunday, August 07, 2005


Finally today was the day to mve the Oscars into their new home, I moved the catfish first to give them a chance to get used to the tank first no it was time to move the oscars two. They struggled a lot drowning the stack of books next to the tank. After their intial shock at being moved they started exploring the new tank, swimming p and down and round the catfish seems fairly pleasedto see them Mike was swimming around the Ocars. Tiger is mostly quiet hiding out in the plants.
Did somemore paintning its starting to get me down there no matter how much I do there always seems to be loads left to do ho hum its looking fairly white now.
Went to the Unicorn with Nick and Becky tonight which was really good, except for Nick being on the defensive about money all the time. Becky isjust as lovely a ever I just wish one day I could meet somne that nice oh well.
Liz has been messaging me a lot she see seems very keen maybe a little too keen. Im still not sure how I feel about Nikie shes good to be with but also can be quite a handful and she is moving off to the Blackburn.

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