Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sandbox Live

I had the day off today but as there is no rest for the wicked was up early painting my room. Managed to get a coat on the ceiling, its looking a lot nicer now, on balance blue was a bad choice/
I bought a few more plants to brighten the tank up and a net from Wilmslow Garden centre (they have a really nice aquatics centre). I decided the new tank has bedded in now so I decided to move the catfish across. They seem to be quiet disturbed but soon started exploring their new home.

The afternoon was taken up with Bruce and myself doing some changes to the server in Manchester. It was a complete pain a lot of time sat around waiting for things to finish.

The evening though proved to be good fun, Martin, Phil and I met up with Paul, Ian Lisa, Faye and Danny to watch Sandbox at academy 3. It was a really good night sandbox were excellent and it was great to see Paul, Lisa, Ian and Faye. Danny was in a bad mood thanks to his relationship breakdown with Lyn. Whilst I feel for him I really think he needs to move on its far too up and down, does he really want to take on someone else child?

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