Thursday, August 04, 2005

Amiga demos

Another fun day at work still working on early redemption figures how can everyone use the same equation and yet apply it in sightly different ways eh :-S

Oh well did a spot more painting only the area behind the fish tank and the ceiling to do now. Also had a bit of a tidy up cleaned my mums car it was filthy.

Getting close to being able to move the fish now I hope they survive the move. They should be a lot happier in the new tank at east I hope so given the effort I have gone to. I ordereda load of new filters from aquacare they seem pretty cheap Icould have save £20 buying my tank from them. Oh well stillsavedd over £200 from what my local store would have charged.

Went round to Martin ostensiblyly to chat about the lan wendeded up playing the old amiga demos for Martin O. I forgot just how funny fraxion wasand the old acid house demos scene.

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