Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Car Woes and nights in

Some people think that cars are a symbol of our freedoms personally I think they are a milestone around our necks. THey cost a fortune to buy run insure and maintain. There is constant pressure to get a newer greater model.
Since buying mny car over a year ago second hand I have had to get the brakes replaced have services and now a problem with the turbo sytem meant a £119 charge for a diagnostic and a replacement rubber hose (the hose itself is a £10 item) I also need to get a sensor (mass airflow sensor cost £240 :'( ) replaced before the cars performance returns to normal. Its so expensive not like I do the sort of mileage I used to either, I could ride my bike to work except I have to wear a suit and tie and there are no changing facilities or shower here.

In order to save some money to afford my car repairs and the money Ive spent on decorating I am going to have to spend a lot of nights in over the next two months. Tonight I rented a flim called hide and seek. Its a twisty turning psycholical thriller with a twist similar to the sixth sense. It was quiet enjoyable though had the usual crap Hollywood ending and I found it pretty predictable.

My parents are away are the Taunten Flower Show my dad took over my Wildflower software and sold it to them I dont think it works that well I always wanted to rewrite it ut never quiet foud the time. My dad just gives it away for free he isnt very good with money and seems to let people take advantage of him I dont want to end up like that.

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