Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Yesterday was pretty damn annoying for me, bascially our new member of staff is one of the most negative and downright antisocial I have ever met, I have been finding it increasingly difficult to get on with him. Added to this he seems unwilling to help me learn anything which given I am meant to be a trainee makes my life very difficult coupled with the fact that my other collegue is increasingly busy so unable to help I have begun to feel more and more a useless.
To add insult to injury I asked for next monday off through the normal channels which was give an ok. Then about an hour later after I informed my client I received another email this time from the head of the company asking me not to take the day off and worse questioning why I would request time off when the company are planning a software rollout at another site, well the reason would be that NOBODY BOTHERED TO TELL ME given I am not a mind reader and wsnt CC'ed into any of the emails or told by Tony it was pretty difficult for me to know. Apparently Kevin didnt know either as he didnt bother to mention it in the reply he sent to me.

I was so pissed off by the close of business I went straight to the gym and did a two hour workout in order to get rid of some stress. This was a slight mistake as in my anger I tried to lift too much and nearly torn a musle in my shoulder. Oh well at least 45minutes on the cross trainer should have burned a few calories.

Later I went for a drink with Phil we have decided to go diving in Sharm El Shek for my birthday by which time hopefully I will have saved enough money for a holiday. Though I think I will need a diving refresher course beforehand.

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