Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Girls Who Play Guitars

Thought you lost me? No such luck ;-) I have been away, both from Blogging and home for a few days I have been in Farnham Surrey. I went to visit a customer down there and install a server I built for them last week. It was a 4 and a half hour drive down, taking me past Heathrow on the M25 which pretty busy at the best of times. The Tuesday morning after a bank holiday Monday should qualify as a busy time. Fortunately for me although it was busy an restricted to 50 MPH traffic was kept moving.
I arrived on-site about 10.30am which given the distance and traffic I thought was pretty good going. The server was quickly in and after a few problems with printers I was done in time for late lunch.

The hotel was set back in Frensham Ponds, it was quiet a nice drive into the complex past the various water bodies and countryside. I was greeted by rather lovely Eastern European women. The room was nice, and the hotel had a gym so I went and had a workout before dinner.

I ate dinner in the Bar rather than the restaurant on the basis I looked slightly less alone sat in a bar that at a restaurant table. It was quiet a strange experience for me sat alone in the pub. I felt pretty lonely to be honest I can understand why people who do this all the time can get depressed.

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