Friday, April 04, 2008


Tokyo tower
Tokyo Tower

Breakfast was fun. We walked into a Japanese diner near to the Ryokan. They did not speak English and my Japanese is not great so it ended up being a point and choose affair.

I took a bento box with rice pork some sort of tofu and beansprouts. We weren't sure how to pay so I looked up the eating etiquette in the lonely planet guide and it turned out we had broken all the rules, oops.

We took the train into Tokyo centre, walked around the Imperial Gardens then strolled from grand to garden in the direction of Tokyo tower.

Near to the tower we found some steps that we followed down, finding a wonderful garden at the bottom.

After that we went out to the Bay Area which is mostly commercial but you get a good view of the skyline. Next stop was Ikiburi, then finally the evening in Shinjuku. A wild place!

View from Tokyo bay

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