Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Feel It All

I went house viewing this evening, saw 4 Houses. 2 in Edgeley, one in Adswood and one in Shaw Heath. Amazing the differences really, all had major pros and cons, the first was next to a take away and due to the enlarged bath the occupants had put in it was impossible to open the door, answer remove the door to their bathroom.
Next place was OK in the reservoir area but was mostly un-modernised and struck me as far too much of a project for me to take on.
The third place I had almost dismissed before walking through the door. On a main road opposite a petrol station and next to a newsagents. We were joking about how much of a waste of time it was. Only when we actually walked into the place we we both pleasantly surprised. It was really spacious especially with both the cellar and attic converted, it also required next to no work to move in. Really the lounge is the only room that need attention. I was also toying with the idea of renting one room out to help fund the place [that is only an idea at this stage] There are some more details to be worked out yet but a promising prospect never the less.

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