Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well last week was truly awful, work ate into my personal life to such an extent life away from work was virtually none existent.
Two very late nights and the general slog, pressure really got the better of me by Friday I was worked out.

Before I left work though there was one last kicker. Over the last months of 2007 there was a large reorganisation at the customers site. The ICT department (where I am based) all worked really hard and it seems the management realised this and came to commend everyone. Well everyone apart from me. Now I realise I am not an employee, but I do work there everyday and have don't for years, and I worked hard really hard getting things done, a word of thanks would have been nice. Plus the knowledge that the whole rest of the department get to go out on a company paid for piss up is rather galling.

I had arranged to go and see the new Paul Thomas Anderson film with Martina on Friday night. I enjoyed it, though I found it like all his films strong on acting and visuals but without a really strong story to back it up. I mean the general story was OK but to personally I really enjoy watching the charaters develop rather than just seeing them as they are. Either way though it was a well worth a watch even though I was so tired I found it difficult to concentrate.

Saturday I went shopping, I really wanted to buy a new coat to replace my aging leather one. The wares on offer were not to my tastes though so I ended up getting some new trainers instead.

Today I spent the morning looking at someones PC, it was pretty stressful as he likes to talk and not listen so sometimes its difficult to put a point across.
After that it was round to Nick's, his ADSL router had finally arrived so I attempted to install it. I failed at the first obstacle though, as the DSL service hadn't been enabled on the phone line.

I tried to sort out my accounts afterwards but ended up getting distracted, I am pretty useless at chasing money from people. There are at least 5 people that owe over 50 enough to keep the server running for months but I having been able to get them to hand over the cash.

After that defeat I helped my dad finaly get his site fully running. We had to experiment a lot but finally got the initial webservice running.

After finally getting it up and going I rewarded myself with a pint down at the Thieves with Nick, Phil and Bruce. It was the first alcohol I drunk this weekend. If I can start getting back to the gym next week and retake control of my life everything will be fine.

I have 4 viewing booked tomorrow, hopefully it should give me a better insight into Edgeley. My mum came up with some crazy scheme today for me to take over their house, but I don't think it would be possible unless I either shaft them or bankrupt myself so I think its a none starter.

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