Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Halber Mensch

I have an early morning tomorrow I should be in bed already but I am tired and upset. I an really angry with myself it seems like all I can managed to do at the minute is screw things up. I have lost a little faith in myself to be honest. It hasnt helped that someone that I really felt were going to be a big part of my life have let me down pretty badly, I suppose I should have known better.
Work is not much better, today I overheard a conversation in which some new guy at the customer site was getting heaps of praise. Now that is great only a big part of what he was being cited for is actually partly my work on top of the whole award mess last week it really made my blood boil.
Japanese class was inteteresting this evening though I am worried its not strong enough for my travels, not long until I leave now. I aam really looking forward to it, in fact its one of the very few good things on the horizon.

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