Thursday, July 12, 2007

Even Flow

"Funny how time flies right before you yes and they don't recognise". I had a conversation early with Danny, we were suppose to be going for a drink but as usual work / life / things got in the way. After making plans to In a strange the way people sometimes have the same thoughts. We got talking about how fast times flown since we were all just starting out, finishing school and starting to make our own paths.

The conversation it reminded me I was only just thinking the other day, while listening to Lucky, it has been nearly 10 years since I bought OK Computer. Where did the time goto it seems to have flown by almost without me noticing.

I guess its not the time that matters its more the contrast, I remember thinking I had it all in font of me. Yet somewhere along the way I ended up as a typical company man, I guess I hoped for something more. I suppose I shouldn't complain I not really in a bad job I guess I just thought by now I would be more successful.

Tonight after the gym I came home and realised I came home and spent the evening watching house. Its a very entertaining series I wish I had that sort of self conviction. To feel totally clear in though, to believe n my actions. Its something to work on I suppose.

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