Thursday, July 12, 2007


Had a pretty meaningless day at work sat in an office with my dad, it was his last day after being effectively made redundant whilst I was in Turkey. Basically the owner of my companies second largest customer decide to close down their UK operations effective immediately. n response my company let go of all the contract workers including the guy who had been working with me at Freedom, and my dad.

He wasn't too unhappy though as he might have found something else at least in the short term so who knows. In order to cheers ourselves up we bought take away from Cheadle Tandoori. It was extremely tasty especially with a couple of cobra beers. Its near Roscoe's roundabout if your in the area and feeling hungry I recommend you give it a try.

I I had an Facebook conversation with Becky which spurred me on to get Nick out for a beer. We went to the John Millington for a couple of drinks. He seemed to think the Becky was ignoring him and didn't want anything more to do with him. I attempted to explain she was angry with him and expected him to make more of an effort than a few text messages. Its so complicated both of them have grievances but they both say there still in love. From my dispassionate point of view
I just wish they would get together and talk it seems like half the problem are the unspoken things that have been going on. I dont really know what will happen but I wish them both the best of luck.

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