Saturday, July 14, 2007

Black Swan

I went to give blood after work, after picking a number and waiting in line the nurse handed me an envelope. Inside was a badge and a certificate apparently it was my tenth donation and praiseworthy! It was a busy donation session, they were understaffed and given the weather a lot of people had nothing better to do than give blood.

I had arranged to meet a few people for drinks later on, so it was all a bit rushed. Bruce arrived back from Gloucester and popped around. I invited Nick out and he gave me the good news that he and Becky have finally spoken and they were both coming out for a drink. Happy friends happy days. Bruce chauffeured us as he had already arranged to pick Nina up from a work do she was attending.

Phil arrived home from work just in time to change his shirt and eat three pieces of pasta then we headed out to the Kings Head in Cheadle Hulme. Jo and his friend Wally joined us. I hadn't seen him since before I went to China, he is working for some recruitment company in Didsbury. I think he misses the snow, I know how he is feeling I am missing the beach.

We all chatted and drank having a great time. I had a long drunken chat with Becky about life the universe and relationships. She and Nick were looking pretty good together, I hope they have worked it out. I remembered to take my camera out so there are some pictures here. Nick managed to get Jono to give us a lift home, I was really drunk (I blame the lack of blood) I think they poured me out of the car.

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