Sunday, March 04, 2007

Total eclipse of the moon

Today Bruce and I finally kicked the second server into life. It has been a nightmare getting the server to run so many things have gone wrong which has made me almost scared to do anything with it. However a final big push has seen Debian and vhcs. VHCS is a control panel to allow Server Room customers to manage their own sites a lot better. I am so far very impressed with how well it works, I think it will simplify the running of the sites greatly and allow a much better user experience.

This evening there was to be a lunar eclipse, so myself Bruce, Phil, Phil's brother Jim and friend Pub decided to go out into the hills of Macclesfield to watch. After a couple of beers we headed out to the Cat and Fiddle pub the second highest in the UK, in the hope of a better less light polluted sky. Unfortunately we arrived to find the pub shut up, so in the knowledge that the real event wasn't taking place until after 23:00 Bruce drove us to a rather provincial pub in Buxton called the Duke of Earl. The pub was very strange, it felt a bit like a working mans club, I guess not much happens in Buxton. There was even a women with a hook where her hand should have been. I think we were all glad to get out of there.

We made our way back into the hill, the mood was by now in eclipse form. It was an impressive sight, looking very red, though quiet small. Jim had his SLR and was trying to take photos, though he found it hard to aim at a dark and faraway object in the night sky. It was also bitterly cold on top of the hills, even in a jacket scarf and hat I felt the chill.


lulu said...

shamed that i weren't there at that time... but i do enjoy looking at the velvet sky dotted with millions of stars... a desperated romance :p

Cookiesworld said...

I think you would have enjoyed watching the eclipse it was rather pretty up in the hills if a little cold.