Friday, March 02, 2007

Midnight show

I must be getting old, Friday night and I am already back home at 23:20. I went out for a few quiet beers with Bruce and Phil we all felt so tired though instead of going on anywhere we departed at the call of time.

To be honest it has been a busy week. Work has been manic and I have gone to the gym 4 of 5 evenings. I only missed Tuesday thanks to Japanese class. Tonight I went with Martin. He still cannot drive after his shoulder op. So in extra motivator I went and picked him up so he could do some cardio work whilst I did my leg weights. It was quite fun like the old days when we were both well into training. He seemed to enjoy his workout, though I was disgusted when he wrung out his arm support it wasn't very nice.

I think to an extent the gym has paid off for me I am certainly thinner now that I have been training for a ling time. Check out this picture from 2003, compared to last week I look a lot more trim (I think). I still a lot of work to do though. I would love to be able to, just once be able to look in the mirror and smile rather than cry, hopefully another year and I will have be pretty close to achieving that.

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lulu said...

haha you know lulu is always find cookie charming enough ;)
on the contrary, i must do something to keep myself weight loss before we meet in May.