Monday, September 11, 2006


I cleaned out the fish last night removed some of the algea which has been building up since the algea eating catfish died I hadnt realised how much of a difference he made but now the tank is furring up fast. I hae bought a scraper to clear off some of the excess algea and amanged to remove some. The plants have been breeding and there were quiet a few floating child plants I started planting these the oscars decided my arm looked like a tasty treat and one of them bit a chunk out it hurt and I quickly pulled my arm out bashing my elbow on the corner of the tank as I did so. Being bitten was more shocking than painful but smakshing my elbow into the cornerof a glass tank well that fucking mega hurts!
Spoke to Liz last night she thinks the quailty of my blog has declined marked recently and I cant say I arguewith that particularly I feel a lot like I write the same thing over and over. Perhaps its bause I keep repeating the same mistakes or I am too afriad to move on with m life. It seems every choice I make is wrong and I doomed forever to waste away my days trapped in a cycle of decline. I hope one day to find a purpose some relife from all this, this life, this pain, this nothing.

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