Sunday, September 10, 2006

Laugh at the Legion again

Ah as autumn approaches the monthly comedy nights have returned to the legion after there Summer hiatus. Its always a fun evening cheap beer an easy stroll home and usually some decent comedians. Last night was no exception after gorging ourselves on a takeaway curry myself Bruce and Phil popped down. Nick, Becs Martin Charlotte and Endo were also out. The comedians were not bad especially the compare Danny McGinlay, and the final act Rhodri Rhys. Martin preferred northern comedian Ruth White I guess its all a matter of taste. Martin has certainly mellowed out a lot since taking up with Charlotte he has gone from complaining about peoples public affection to being part of one of those sickly couple hand-holidng couples whom particularly offend singletons like myself. I was pretty tired and overful so made an earlyish exit after the last act.

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