Sunday, July 09, 2006

Trout fishing

Ian called me and arranged to go out on a Friday night! It seems now he no longer works at TGI he has a bit more time to spend with his friends which is excellent.
A few hours later he and I were sat in the beer garden of the John Millington, he was enjoying a beer but I decided to drive seeing as I have had a stomach bug the last few days.
We had a chat about business, life and how great outdoor heaters are even if they are causing global warming. A little later Phil joined us for more merriment, talking about Akido, life the universe and everything. We were getting ready to make tracks about 11.15 when two women started loitering around the table after asking for a light and being given a box of Zanshin matches they started chatting well I say chatting taking the piss would be more accurate unfortunately they were too stupid or drunk to realise we were doing the same.
Next we missioned to the Kennelworth to join the TGI crew after work, straight away I didn't like one of the guys with them he was a totally arrogant bastard. Phil was getting progressively more smashed on Jim Bean and Ian was chatting to faye on the plus side one of the Fridays girls Amanda was particularly attractive so at least I had somewhere to rest my eyes ;)
After kicking out time Faye Ian Phil and Myself headed to the Spicy Hut for a curry, and more chat it was fun except on the way out Ian moaning about his foot! I am sure it wasn't too bad mate you seemed to be walking alright to me :P

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