Thursday, July 06, 2006

This is how it works

I've just ben listening to Regina Spektors brnad new single on the radio, its really good though I still prefer the current tracks fidelity on her myspace. I love the verse "you peer inside yourself and take the things you like".
Today was a weird one at work, this morning I got to go to a project meeting regarding our competitors web project, I have never attended that sort of high level meeting before, to be honest I felt out of place not least because I have had some sort of stomach bug the last couple of days. In the end nothing much happened I think we will be ready to show something much more advanced on when our time comes.
Watched a Russian film last night called Lylia 4 Ever about a young girl growing up on the ex Soviet Republic who after she abandoned by her mother falls into a spiral of drugs sex and eventually prostitution and the freedom of death. It was very depressing but well filmed, you felt sorry for Lylia but powerless to helpthe poverty, the hatred felt real I wonder how far away from that sort of life some people in the UK are.

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