Sunday, July 09, 2006

2 Films

Tonight decided to stay in and chill, I've spent a good portion of the day working on the web project I think I am getting a bit closer to being useful but who knows.

Rented a couple of videos from block buster, Serenity and Ghost in the Shell 2. Serenity is some sort of tie into firefly the aborted Joss Whedon project, it was really to my taste to be honest, too many American frontier euphemisms for my liking, the state versus the individual, good guys on the edge and all that I've seem it am million times in one guises or another, to me its a fallacy sold by the corporations of ones with power to distract us from the truth but that&apos ;s another story.

Ghost in the Shell 2 was immensely confusing, even as Japanese films go it was incomprehensible, at its base its a continuation of the original the major ghost has disappeared into the void leaving Batou alone and adrift. The entire plot revolves around a his investigation into murder perpetrated by guinoids (robots designed for sexual pleasure) during his investigation he begins to question his sanity and the increasingly blurry line between human's and machines consciousness reality and dreams. There are all sorts of great quotes and dialogue but its very hard to follow and the plot is paper thin.

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