Friday, July 15, 2005

End of the Week

This week has felt like a long one, not sure if I am still tired from Sweden or what but I certainly feel like a couple of days off.
However tomorrow I agreed to help Martin with a small job oh well the cash will come in handy towards the credit card bill.

Watched the film Constantine tonight, a epic based on the helplessly series it was quiet religious with the usual themes of redemption dogma and of course good versus evil. I have been thinking about religion a lot recently especially with the bombings in London I am so unsure about the existence of god, like most people I would love to believe there is something more than this world. Yet so many bad things seem to be perpetrated in the name of god.

Sometimes this sort of thinking nearly drive me insane laid alone late into the night, is religion just heroin for the masses or is there really some big plan. If there is a god are we simply a pet project gathering dust while working on the next thing?

The new Harry potter is released at one minute past midnight unfortunately the internet has already tainted it slightly for me, I was reading /. when I saw a link that like a car crash I didn't want to read but couldn't turn away. I wont ruin it for anyone that knows but I know which character is going to die :-S

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