Sunday, July 10, 2005


Well thought I would give this blogging lark a try, it's a lovely sunny summers days here and I have just had a bbq so I am pretty full. My Chinese friend Lulu has been pestering me to start writing so here it is. Ive actually self published some earlier work on my website and also some of the Slashdot journal. I may migrate some of the content depending on how well I like blogger.

Last night I went out to Wilmslow, Paul was out as was Lisa freshly arrived from Sydney. She was in great form as was Paul, in fact it was a great evening sat outside the rectory chatting and drinking in the awrm evening air. Wish I had taken out my camera and got some shots. Talking of cameras Woller has a really lovely new camera phone 2mp! Think its time I upgraded there is a 7mp Ixus now.

It has been a long week, this time last week I was in Sweden watching the Flugtag and at Coldplay on Tuesday they were amazing much better than when I saw them at the men arena.

Yesterday I saw a film that chilled me to the bone.  Called the corporation and is about the rise and domination of the corporation I hadn't fully realised how much control they have it was scary and now the question is what do I do as a shareholder and a member of a capitalist society I couldn't go through life and avoid all corporate but I really think the system has to change.

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