Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lazy Sunday

After working with Martin yesterday I dont have my usual Sunday refreshed feeling, so think its time to have a lazy day. It was strange to do moonlighting putting up projectors screens in a big ops centre. It was alsmot surreal all these people sat around behind screens like me on a weekday.
Its midday and I am still sat in my dressing gown chatting to Lulu on the internet whilst trying to work out a nice way to present my Swedish photos, after the amount of effort Makke Boz and the others put in I dont want to just shove them up with webalbum generator.
Oh just got a message from Martin he wants to go to the gym later, oh well I can rest until then. My parents are away this weekend I think my cat is missing them he keeps moping about and meowing for no reason.

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