Thursday, February 18, 2016

Missed the boat

Saturday evening Kath and I hosted a gathering with Matt, Christelle and Nina. Bruce would have come but was working setting up a huge disk array.

Kath spent the day cooking various Tex Mex dishes, inspired by a recent trip to Chiquito. For starters She made tostadas, with toppings of pulled pork, sweet potato with feta, and Choritzo. There was a side of home made guacamole and sweetcorn salad. For the main we had chilli with potato wedges. I spent the day cleaning the house and doing some DIY. Amazing how the little jobs build up.

Nina arrived first, Connie spending the night at grandparents. She seemed in a good mood we had a chat about Phil's big news while eating doritos and waiting for Matt. As a FU to Jeremy Hunt and the Suns outrageous Moet medic article we started the evening with two bottles of Champaign. A little extravagant but a celebration of Kaths job.

It was a nice relaxed evening, everybody seemed to enjoy Kaths food, I was very impressed with what she pulled off.

Sunday morning I felt a little hung over which wasn't a great help for my marathon training. I managed to get to 17 miles but then I had to stop. I made it home a little later than planned as we were hosting my parents for Mexican leftovers. They seemed to enjoy the chilli, and it was nice to make a meal for them for a change.

Last night we went to see the Revenant. Personally I didn't enjoy it, while the cinematography and acting were good there were far too many contemplative moments, it was overall way too long and I still don't understand how if the Indian Rea were such amazing trackers they were unable to find either Glass or Powaqa. I have however been enjoying the Meerkat movies offers with Kath, Overall the fact that its both Tuesday and Wednesday makes it an even better offer than Orange Wednesday (even if there is a small charge to book).

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