Friday, April 19, 2013


Yesterday morning after only a couple of hour sleep I was sat drinking a glass of beer in the beer garden of Cafe Esperanto. Kath and I both felt a little overwhelmed after booking the wedding venue.

I had arrived into Warsaw the previous evening and we travelled on the night bus to Bialystok arriving around 3am. The appointment with the registrars office was at 10 in the morning. Accompanying us was the state registered translator, Jolanta. Apparently a necessity to explain what was going on to the alien, me.

First we went into a room where two ladies went over the documents and the translations. I had to provide a certificate of no impediment, my birth certificate and passport. All of which had been translated by Jolanta. Kath had to present her ID and birth certificate too. One if the women checked Kath's the other mine, she had difficulty distinguishing the area from my British address.

After they were happy with the documents we all trooped into the office of the registrar general. As we entered I could hear Jim Morrison's voice eminating from his computer speakers. The registrar a large balding man looked very relaxed with his music wearing a velvet suit jacket. He gave Jolanta a piece of paper with conditions for the wedding.

Then we had to sign some declarations, It was quite strange to be told that our children would have my surname, that was a last minute decision by Kath that she would use my surname.

It was pretty stressful for me having to rely on the interpreter to explain, however we resolved that we were happy. There was a moment of panic when he opened the calendar to the 24th August and there were already a list of names written. Fortunately there was a gap at 16:30, so that is when Kath and I will be married.

Walking out we went for a quick look around the venue itself a rather psychedelically painted period room. I tried to picture our friends and family in there watching us getting married, it should make for a good scene.

After saying farewell to the translator we decided despite the early hour a drink was in order to celebrate and contemplate. The weather was a warm 22c then sun beating down on us not a bad way to start the rest if our lives together.

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