Sunday, April 14, 2013

A tooth for an eye

I started at a new company in January, so far it's been going really well. The team is well organised and the project we are working on is interesting. As a side benefit I found that I have more time in the evenings as I don't have to work like instead working 8-4 most days.  The extra free time has helped me get back into going to the gym and not too soon. 18 months of longs days in an office sat too close to the vending machine have left me flabby and unfit. I decided I needed a bit more focus so I decided to try out a personal trainer. After searching on the internet I choose Jon Bass and expert in Tabita training, a kind of high intensity interval training. So far its been working and I have started to turn the tide slowly improving my fitness. I still feel half dead after a session, not really managed to do a full hour as yet, but I am hopeful.

Thanks to vsauce I saw the following chart charting when people will forget. Its a good reminder that history is in fact not dead in spite of what some books might say. It is a point that has been reinforced to me while working with one of the interns. He is where I was in 2002, part way through university doing a year out in industry. It really interesting I can see something of myself in him, only he has a totally different set of experiences. He didn't grow up using Basic, typing in lines of code out of Computing magazine. He didn't have to rely on encyclopaedias or magazines like Quest to find out information the whole internet and Wikipedia is available to him. Who knows what changes will take place to the next generation, history certainly isn't dead.

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