Friday, April 06, 2012


It was Paul and Sakia's wedding on Saturday. Kath flew over on Thursday so she could join me for the wedding.

We travelled down together with Jo and Holly arriving at the Holiday Inn around 12:30, plenty of time for Lunch and a quick change before getting the coach to the wedding. Nick and Charlotte arrived about the same time as us and together with Ian we all went to the nearby Toby carvery. Holly is a vegetarian and so  requested a sandwich, I wasn't hungry enough for a carvery and asked for a sandwich too. The server said yes then gave a diatribe about it being a carvery and how they really didn't normally do that. I thought to myself either offer graciously or say no, don't offer a service then begrudge someone taking you up on it.

Ian looked tired he had come up the day before to sort out the bar for the wedding. Apparently to make things worse the Van carrying all the alcohol to the wedding had been pulled over by VOSA on route.

Everyone made their way for the coach at 3pm. Congregating in the bar first of all before making our way to the coach. We said hello to Andy Fletcher and his girlfriend Daisy,  Paul, Woller, Danny, Ian, Rachael and Ian and Sarah Simister. It has been years since I last saw Sarah, she was looking very well.

The coach took us to Paul's fathers place, where a Tentpi was in place. The ceremony was a humanist one with a female celebrant. It was a lot more fun and joyful than the Church weddings I have been to, Paul and Saskia's vows were really heartfelt and warm. Paul's friend Teaspoon did a really lovely song, and there was a reading of Dr Zuess. It suited there personalities very well, injecting a lot of fun into the ceremony.

Foods was in the form of Indian, it was very very nice especially the barbecued lamb which was incredibly tender and succulent.

After the ceremony there was music from Paul, teaspoon, Paul's Uncle and dad and Joe Berger. The music and dancing were fantastic.

The night grew cold but there was a fire at the back of the tentpi, to keep warm by. Kath and I were shattered, this is quite a common theme when we are together as there is always a lot of travelling involved. 

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