Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was my mums birthday today, so I decided to take her out for a meal. She wanted to try the new Indian resturant in Handforth, the Viceroy.

I had North Indian Garlic Chicken, it was a great combination of spice, garlic and chicken. My mum ad Jaipur Chicken which was a chicken breast in sauce with spinach and vine tomatoes. £11.99 for each of the chiefs special main courses which include peas pilau rice. I very much enjoyed my dish it was spicy but not too hot that you couldn't taste the flavours. The rice was worth a mention rather than the usual bog standard pilau it was flavoured delicately. The restaurant itself has been given a facelift, the decor is elegant and stylish. Slightly 70's retro vibe but done very nicely. All together its a slightly more upmarket affair than the Maharajahs was but if they continue to serve that quality of food then it should do well.

My mum enjoyed her birthday treat. I bought her a new purse (which Kath helped me to choose) and Kath got her a book recommended by her mother. Its nice to make my mum happy she deserves a treat after spending so much time looking after everyone else.

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