Thursday, July 14, 2011


Its been a while, found it hard to sit down and write a post. My time seems all taken up with work, commuting and the gym.

Saturday was Paul's surprise 30th birthday party. Saskia had arranged for a group of his friends and family to surprise him. The party was to take place in a pub in Banbury, Paul thought he was going for a Thai meal with his family.

I went for a morning swim, to relax, when I got home I had a missed called on my phone, it was Paul. I called him back and we chatted for a while about Ipad's and stuff. I told him how I managed to drop and destroyed my phone. I was desperate not to give the game away about the surprise. Holly and Jo were good enough to give me a lift down with them. It was a nice and steady trip down, chatting about life, and politics.

We were the first to arrive at the pub. Louise and Paul's mum had been in earlier to set up the balloons and party items upstairs. We had a couple of drinks while waiting, chatting and relaxing.

Next to arrive was Louise her boys, Matt,  Emily and their daughter Lila. Lila is a real cute kid we were all a little captivated with her. After that the rest of Paul's family turned up including his dad fresh from his travels round the Med.

T Spoon turned up, last time I saw him was randomly at the REM gig a few years ago.

Ian arrived with Dan, and Ian's new girlfriend Rachel. She seems very nice, we were chatting and drinking.

About 6 we all headed to the Mezzanine and hid. Louise told us that when she stamped her foot we would all shout surprise. Paul arrived with his mum and Saskia unaware we were waiting. The look on his face when we yelled surprise was priceless.

Earlier in the evening Louise pointed out that Paul would but slightly upset after building up to a Thai meal, hilariously while we were eating dinner Paul said he was missing the Satai chicken :D

Food was laided on, a big buffet style affair.It wasn't Thai food but it was very tasty. gorged and drank. Danny showed off his new car. A white BMW with black leather, and he would never forgive me if I failed mention the black roof lining.

There was lots of banter, drinking eating and partying. I really enjoyed it, and by the look on his face Paul did too.

Danny gave me a lift home in his new car. According to Ian he had driven like a mad man (crazy not in advertising), but the journey home was much more sedate.

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