Sunday, May 29, 2011

All of this

The last week has gone in a blur. A week ago I was worried about Kath going into hospital, I felt powerless and so far away. Fortunately everything went well and she was sent home on Monday, just in time to receive the flowers I sent.

Week was then mostly work than doing some bits and bobs for my old company, in between getting the computers ready for the lan party.

Friday night I got to go on a work jolly. We managed to get a release out of the door on time so the business treated Development, Testing and Business Analysts to a meal out. We went to the Sapporo Teppanyaki. I got the train Piccadilly, then metro to Castlefield. The Sapporo is a large modern place near to the Science Museum. We were seated around a hot plate and the food was cooked in front of us. The chiefs put on several tricks flaring with their cutlery, throwing potatoes to be caught by the diners and flambéing meat. We had a set meal, incorporating Namasu Salad, Miso Wakame Soup, Smoked Chicken Rolls, Barbecue Spare Ribs, Duck Roll, Chicken Fillet With Asparagus, Half Lobster, Scallops With Ginger And Sesame, Jumbo Prawns, Grilled Vegetables, Fried Rice, Sapporo Potatoes, finishing with Fruit Salad.
Though its was a lot of food the portions  were not over the top and it was all very tastey. Especially the Lobster which was increadible. We drank sake and Japanese lager and by the end of the meal I was feeling a little light headed. Next stop was dukes bar which was a short stop for me as I decided to race back to for the last train home at 23:30. Usually I would have stayed out but I didn't want to be too hung over for the lan party.

Unfortunately I reckoned without remembering how much of a hangover that Saki leads to. I felt rather jaded heading to the the lan party yesterday morning, and was more irritable than normal during the day. It was a smaller event than normal thanks to the Manchester United play in the Champions league final and Martin, Adam and Endo being away kite-flying. I really enjoyed it in spite of the fact that my computer decided that it didn't want to play Unreal or Call of Duty. I will have to see it I can save up for a new one for the future lan's.

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