Sunday, February 21, 2010


Dropped Kath off at the airport this morning. It had decided to snow overnight, I opened the door at 5 this morning to see the road [and the car] covered in snow. At times like this I wish Kath could fly from Manchester rather than Liverpool. It was still snowing as we drove the M56 was terrible, especially past the M6 junction snow covered all the carriageways.
Her flight was at 7.05, fortunately we had done the web check in the night before and her flight was slightly delayed otherwise would have missed it. I tried the M62 on the way back. The road surface was slightly better but it was still murder.

We have had a great few days together, Kath arrived on Thursday. We went round to my parents to say hello and take Storm for a Walk. In the evening we had a meal at my house,

Friday we went out and did some shopping, and had a walk around Stockport. Martin and Charlotte had invited us and Mark and Joe round for a meal. Charlotte cooked white fish wrapped in bacon, which sounded a bit of an odd choice but was really tasty. There were multifarious conversation as we went from Religion to Marriage, Martin and Charlotte Married life, Joe and Mark's upcoming wedding. Mark Martin and I had a good laugh about Slayradio, and geeky stuff. Everyone was nice lovely to Kath, she told me that she really felt at home, especially when Martin said she was one of the family.

Yesterday we had a lazy day at home, though I did have a few tasks to do. The weather was good so I washed the car, and in doing so realised one of my drains was blocked. Fortunately I was able to clear it myself though the smell was something else. After cleaning we had a quick trip into Wilmslow for some shopping, we went to Waitrose and bought some nice things for lunch. After that we spent the afternoon enjoying each others company. I made Chilli for dinner with chorizo, it was really tasty, as was the wine Kath chose to go with it. After dinner we had a cuddle on the sofa, was great just to be together.

Kath just phoned me from the plain, they haven't left the UK yet, still sat at Liverpool airport waiting for a takeoff slot, it may be some time. I heard on the news that Manchester airport has one runway closed due to the snow.

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