Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Soul

I am full of a cold. Yesterday was a difficult one for me, I sat through work my bones aching and flu filled it was difficult making it through work. I had arranged to go for some dinner with Nick and Ian.

Ian had to pul out as he had only just returned from London. Phil and Bruce were both out though. Bruce having just returned from a tour of work in Belfast.

We decided to go for a drink first as the Pizza express was full when we arrived. Enjoyed a pint in the Rectory while the crowds cleared, then feeling lazy we rode in Bruces car closer to Pizza express, in fairness it was pouring down.

I had, a mozarrelle and tomoato starter, and a pizza called Etna. It was a chilli and ham affair, very strongly flavoured on a thin crust base. I really enjoyed it. We all swapped slices around and the ham and chicken pizza Nick ordered was by far the best of the bunch.
After the food Nick made tracks while Bruce Phil and I went to the coach and four fora a few more drinks.

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