Sunday, March 09, 2008

In Between Days

I went out with Nick this morning to look at a couple of houses in Shaw Heath. The first one was an ex council house on the edge of Shaw Heath, I didn't like it from the get go, the area looked unloved and the houses were that horrible council style so utilitarian and ugly. It also boded badly that as we parked up we were able to watch the police rapping on the door of a house further down the street.
Inside the decor was frankly awful I couldn't wait to get away, unfortunately the owner was keen to show us everything.

The second house was much better, a two up two down terrace on one of the little side streets. Nicely done up and maintained I liked all but two things about it, to the back over the passageway was a commercial building. Worse thought was the price, I think 10-15
more than I would want to pay.

Nick was reticent to talk about his absence from the comedy evening making only a dark comment about not being in the mood to laugh. I decided not to push the issue. He did however take me to see some of the houses he has been looking at, which was interesting.

After all the house hunting I took mum to the garden centre to look at plants and bought some pots. Then I went swimming to relax.

In the evening I headed round to Phil's to catch up with Lost, it made my head swim. I really am being to get very confused by the plot twists and turns, its gone from the sublimb to the ridiculous and beyond. Rather than parallel the man of faith versus the man of religion we are now firmly into the Sci-Fi realms.

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