Sunday, March 09, 2008

"the cake is a lie"

I feel really tired today it has been a long week.

I had to work early Saturday morning and I felt tired that I just stayed home played portal and chatted to Kasia online. Portal is amazing, though nowhere near as hard as Bruce and John led me to believe.

Saturday morning was hard because I needed to be in work and my parents needed the car early morning I had to ask my dad nicely if he would give me a lift in for 6am, fortunately he said yes. The job actually went pretty well apart from the usual suspect not doing his bit.

Dispite the problems we managed to wrap up by 9, so I had enough time to rush home get changed grab my bike and cycle to Cheadle Hulme in time for the spring Yoga Morning. Yoga was relaxing but also quiet a work out. There were 3 guys including myself in the class of 36 people and the women were mostly a heck of a lot more flexible than me. I did feel really good if a little tired afterwards. Cycling home was really hard, feeling tired after three hours of Yoga and cycling into the wind.

In the evening it was the monthly Laugh at the Legion. I arranged to go down with Martina, Nick, Phil and Bruce. Ian gave Nick myself and Martina a lift down before toddling off to meet Gilly for some drinks. Nick was a bit quiet and said he forgot his wallet so disappeared again, strange thing was he didn't reappear. We all enjoyed the show there were a couple of really good comedians Martina was very amused by the singing grammar Nazi. We all got really quiet drunk, apparently she was making some strange comments in the car on the way home, I walked home in an effort to get rid of some of the alcohol.

When I arrived I was just making a snack in the kitchen when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was drunkenness. I made a double take at finally focussed on the field mouse sat under the chair in the dining room. For a couple of minutes we stared at each other, the mouse made the first move though darting like lightning across the kitchen then leaping to freedom in the depths under the sink.

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