Monday, January 28, 2008


Despite my worst fears I managed to make it through the day. In fact it was a lot better than I hoped for. I still had a hard day, but I tried hard to be civil to everyone and make it a more pleasant atmosphere. It worked to an extent, it didn't stop people from dumping work and the blame for things on me, regardless of whether it was my fault or not. 

This evening I did some Japanese study with Phil, I am starting to improve, we both are. There is a long way to go yet neither of us can successfully build complicated sentences and I still haven't been able to memorise the list of adjective Emi gave to us. After studying we went to the pub, Phil had been to a diving pool session last night and it started us reminiscing about diving in Australia. I was sat there remembering what a great time it was, I really think I should go back, go scuba diving, surfing and carousing on the streets of Sydney.

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